MAPRAD offers a full set of services relative to radiation hardness studies and for reliability qualifications.The knowledge and experience of MAPRAD’s team bases on many years of activity at CERN experiments and on space-based astroparticle physics experiments in particular for design, simulation, realization, test, qualification and commissioning of the complex electronics and radiation detection systems.

MAPRAD is proudly active since 2005 and have collaborated (and collaborating) with major European space industry, research Institute and space agencies. A non-exhaustive list of partners and collaborations is given in this link.


MAPRAD, with HIPRAD ( HIgh Precision RAdiation Detector), is winner of Italy of Innovators 2011/2012 promoted by Agency for innovation of Council of Presidency of Italy


We have tested against radiation effects (Single Event Effects (SEE), Total Ionising Dose (TID), Displacement Damage (DD), charge-build-up, solar radiation effects with UV/VUV) more than 300 integrated circuit components constituted in different device technologies (CMOS, BiCMOS, SOI, Power MOS, BJT, JFET, analog/digital microelectronics, CCD, APS, MEMS) and many optical materials, solar cells, composites and polymers.


We can simulate the radiation environment and its effects on electronics and electromechnical devices and systems. These simulations can be executed on single electronics parts, subsystem and also on entire system level.


MAPRAD prepares the test setup necessary for radiation testing with all necessary ancillary circuitry, debug the entire system functioning prior to go to the irradiation site with its patented pulsed laser system, and executes the tests at irradiation site following major qualification standards (ECSS/ESA; JEDEC, MIL etc.). If necessary, propose and implement mitigation techniques or alternative solutions.


The services of MAPRAD are offered thanks to a consortium constituted by local research infrastructures Department and international partners through dedicated collaboration agreements which are working with irradiations facilities and research infrastructures.


MAPRAD is your one-stop-solution provider.