Radiation Effects Simulator (MRADSIM: Matter RADiation interactions SIMulator)


A modular software package based on Geant4 software toolkit to simulate the radiation effects on components and parts, called Matter RADiation interaction SIMulator (MRADSIM) has been recently developed in collaboration with two spin-off companies, INFN Sezione di Perugia and supported by the Turkish Scientific Research Council (TUBITAK).  This tool has been used for detailed radiation simulations of TURKSAT-6A satellite.


The geometry in common CAD formats as well as the orbital parameter details are given as input to this tool. The particle transport in GEANT4 is done by using forward or reverse Monte-Carlo techniques and GRAS tool is used to calculate the relevant radiation data such as surface LET flux, total ionizing dose or dose rate in every electronic component present anywhere in the satellite. Innovative aspects of this tool includes but is not limited to the full simulation of any radiation scenario with all details, the network and CPU based parallelism, GPU use, mesh based scoring for any geometry, calculating geometry based radiation data with user specified resolution.


HDF5 and MSH Data output support as well as the root based analysis and IGES, STL, VTK type input geometry support will be available soon.


This tool is particularly useful during satellite design phase for shielding studies and for electronic component/part selection. The future versions of this tool will include online access and running, and separate versions optimized for nuclear energy, health and automotive applications.



The control panel of MRADSIM. 



The 3-D dose profile of an electronics box present on a GEO satellite obtained with MRADSIM.


In collaboration with Tubitak Uzay (https://uzay.tubitak.gov.tr/), this package is being used for detailed radiation hardness simulations of Turksat-6A. It has also been used for radiation simulations of electronics developed by CTECH company (www.ctech.com.tr).